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Hiking on the Costa Blanca, Spain. From Benidorm, Guadalest, Alicante,  Calpe, Altea, and the whole of the Costa Blanca

The Costa Blanca

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The Costa Blanca

Paragliding Benidorm. Outbound Adventures
Paragliding Guadalest. Outbound Adventures
Paragliding with outbound adventures in Guadalest, over the amazing town and reservoir. Outbound Adventures

Outbound Adventures organise the chance for you to experience the amazing, relaxing thrill that is Paragliding on the Costa Blanca. With our professional and fully qualified pilots, this will be a memory you won't forget. We will pick you up and drop you off for free, wether you are staying in Benidorm or even if you live else where on the Costa Blanca! Everything is organised for YOU and available everyday of the week! Check our Facebook or for more details or get in touch!

AGOST - €90pp

This is one of our favourite and most popular flying sites, Sitting in the Mountains at the edge of a beautiful nature reserve, and a plain that stretches from over 17 KM's away near the city of Alicante, the vibe here is an awesome one. Not to mention the views! 

SANTA POLA - €90pp

This famous coastal flying location is very popular amongst Pilots, once here, you will understand why. We fly from the famous location of Santa Pola, a curved headland with gently sweeping cliffs. As the sea breeze rises over this amazing place, so will you, giving you the chance to see for miles around and feel the beauty that paragliding can offer. With amazing views up and down this amazing coastline and out over the majestical Mediterranean, then inland to the stunning city of Alicante. Santa Pola will never disappoint!

BENIDORM - €115pp

This is another of our favourite locations, taking off from above Terra Mitica the Theme Park and soaring the ridge line of the the Sierra Cortina. As the warm sea breeze sweeps in off the Mediterranean you will be lifted higher with astonishing views over to the amazing skyline of Benidorm, over to the impressive cliffs of the Sierra Gelada, and to the coastal town of Albir and all around, not to mention the impressive Puig Campana behind us, the second highest peak on the Costa Blanca. A must do when holidaying in Benidorm. Only flyable certain months of the year.

SELLA - €140pp

Another of our amazing flying sites is Sella, with its lush green pine forests, limestone rocky outcrops, its simply stunning. Located just inland from La Vila Joyosa, and 20 minutes from Benidorm, this sleepy Spanish town is beautifully nestled in-between the impressive Mountains of the Puig Campana & the Sierra Aitana, the two highest peaks on the Costa Blanca. 

The Paragliding here is some of the best around, with nothing but greenery and Mountains you'll feel on top of the world as you fly in amongst these Giants. A truly wonderful location to fly.

CALPE/ALTEA -  €140pp

Altea!! Famous for its quaint old town, with white washed town houses and maze like cobbled streets, Altea is a beautiful town, and so is the coastline in which Altea is situated. We take off from the cliffed headland that separates Altea and Calpe. Once in the air you'll be lifted along the Morro de Toix, with views over to Calpe and its famous I'fach Rock and over to the Sierra de Bernia, an impressive rocky ridge line. You'll glide over the famous Mascarat Gorge, which is breath taking in its self, then down to the beach for landing. 


GUADALEST - €140pp

Paragliding Guadalest. This quaint, little, mountain top town attracts more than 2 MILLION tourists a year, and if you visit, you'll understand why. Located in the Guadalest valley with Mountains either side, this town leaves an impression on all who visit. As you paraglide over this amazing town, you'll look on in oar as you will see its beautiful Castle form above which sits precariously on the hill top. 

You will also admire views over to  the stunning Aitana Mountain, the highest peak on the Costa Blanca, and across to the second highest peak, the Puig Campaña. 

Friends and loved ones can also watch from the perfectly situated town square, which is actually the highest point of the town, the person flying could even do a fly-by depending on the weather conditions. ;)

If you want to make memories, this is the place to do it.

MONTCABRER - €140pp (Minimum 2 People)
Flying with Vultures flight

Paragliding Montcabrer truly is a special experience. If you've ever dreamt of flying like a bird, with the birds, then look no further. Paragliding Montcabrer is spectacular, not only because of the stunning views and amazing Mariola Natural park that we fly over, but also because here you will have the once in a life time experience of not only Paragliding but Paragliding with the almighty Griffon Vulture. With a wingspan of approx. 2.5m they are an impressive creation of nature. An experience you will never forget as we fly high in the rising thermals with these birds, flying side by side gliding through the air. 

For more information on other flying sites all over the Costa Blanca, get in touch. :)