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Hiking on the Costa Blanca, Spain. From Benidorm, Guadalest, Alicante,  Calpe, Altea, and the whole of the Costa Blanca

The Costa Blanca


Paragliding Guadalest, Alicante.
The Costa Blanca

Guadalest! Come fly over the amazing and picturesque town of Guadalest. This quaint, little, mountain top town attracts more than 2 MILLION tourists a year, and if you visit you'll understand why. Located in the Guadalest valley with Mountains either side, this town leaves an impression on all who visit. As you Paraglide over this amazing town, you'll look in oar as you will swoop over its famous Castle which sits precariously on the hill top. With views over its reservoir and down the Guadalest valley to the sea, not to mention views to the stunning Aitana, the highest peak on the Costa Blanca, and across to the second highest peak the Puig CampaƱa. You'll feel dwarfed in a landscape of Giants. Friends and loved ones can also watch from the perfectly situated town square which is situated on top of the rocky outcrop! You will also have stunning views of Guadalest Reservoir which is famous for its turquoise waters and resident turtles who reside here! So keep an eye out.

Guadalest also has a rich history, from the Moors and Christian times this Castle has seen both sides of the war. What makes this Castle so famous isn't just its location, but also its defensive qualities. To enter the Castle "grounds" if you like, you have to walk through a 15m long tunnel, gouged out of the rock, making it almost impenetrable to the impeding armies. Guadalest is also thought to be one of the last standing Moorish strong holds, and is thought to be the reason behind the construction of the Sierra Bernia fort which is located further down the valley towards the sea. Twas used as an outlook post for Berber pirates and Moors who were trying to enter up through the valley, to possibly resupply Guadalest. If you can't fight them out, starve them out.