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Paragliding Alcoy, Alicante
The Costa Blanca

Paragliding Alcoy. Paragliding in this magical location really is something special. Here we Paraglide from Moncabrer, the 3rd highest peak in the Alicante Province, and at 1,390 metres high, its quite a spectacle. Montcabrer is also part of the Sierra de Mariola Natural park, this Natural park is hugely famous for many reasons. 

Many peaks within the Mariola Natural park top 1000m, the Mountain range has a rich diversity of flora with over 1200 species being identified and many of them endemic to the Valencian community and to the Sierra de Mariola itself. The Yew tree is worth mentioning here as it grows here in the park, a tree renowned for its longevity. A rich and diverse ecosystem is evident here, with many species of animals all inhabiting the natural park. What is also worth mentioning is the many varieties of birds that thrive in this area. The species include the Kingfisher, numerous types of Owl, Hawks, Kestrals, Kites but above all the almighty Golden Eagle and the spectacular Griffon Vulture, with a wingspan of over 2.5m.

If you join us on one of our Paragliding excursions to this wonderful site, you will almost certainly fly with these magnificent Griffon Vultures as we thermal on the rising air together. In no area is the phrase "flying like a bird" more relevant. Not only is Paragliding Montbarer stunning enough, with its huge rock faces and stunning views but when you fly with these birds its something special that can't even be described. Gliding through the air and rising in thermals together truly is magical. If you want to try something special that will be an experience to cherish for the rest of your life then look no further. We offer free transport if need or you can meet us at the location. We will then drive to the landing site and brief you on how the day will work out. Then its a short drive up to the take of, as we make our way up the windy road, we get higher and higher, then a short walk to take off. Then get ready for the relaxing thrill that is Paragliding Alcoy.