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The Costa Blanca



Guadalest. This stunning Mountain town is located just inland from the town of Altea on the Costa Blanca of Spain. The town has a rich history and dates back to the 12th Century during the Moorish occupation of Spain. The Moors invaded Spain in 711 AD, and its thought that by only 715 AD the Moors had settled in Guadalest and began the construction of its Castle and town.

This picturesque town attracts over 2 million visitors a year and is the second most visited Castle in the whole of Spain. What gives this town its beauty and charm is that the Moors carefully constructed its Castle and town high on the Mountain here, and then carved a 10m long tunnel through the rock, making this the only access and exit point for the town.

Through this tunnel you find the main town square, the grave yard, the bell tower and the main Castle, plus many houses which would have belonged to many different important people though out guadalest's history. 

This fortified town was originally built with defence being a priority, they done such a good job in fact, making use of the natural geography of the land and their brilliant construction skills, that Guadalest was one of the last remaining Moorish strongholds. 

Located in the Guadalest valley, the views from Guadalest are simply wonderful. Looking south from the towns square you see the highest peak on the Costa Blanca, the Aitana, then looking to the north along the Mountainous ridge line of Serrella you feel dwarfed in this land of Spanish Mountainous countryside. Then look to the east and you will see the magnificent Mediterranean Sea and the famous costal town of Altea.

Guadalest Reservoir is also another great attraction, sitting just below the town, its serene, turquoise waters and magnificent Dam and is definitely worth a visit. 

With a population of just under 200, Guadalest has an almighty 8 different Museums, from "Salt & Pepper" Museums to its Micro-Gigantic Museum.

There is also an abundance of outdoor actives in this area, from Rock Climbing to Mountain biking.

Outbound Adventures also organise many different walks in the area, Guadalest Reservoir being one of them, not to mention if you want to see this amazing town from above, why not try Tandem Paragliding over this amazing town, a memory never to be forgotten thats for sure.