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The Costa Blanca



Finestrat. This quaint, little Spanish town sits at the foot of the second highest peak the Costa Blanca, the Puig Campaña. (1408m) 

Nestled on a Mountainous outcrop of the Puig Campaña, the old town sits precariously on a cliff edge, with stunning views down towards the Mediterranean and along the coast. The Puig Campaña and Finestrat are very popular with walkers, trial runners, Climbers, mountain bikers and pretty much all outdoor activity enthusiasts. The vast pine forests and serenity of this land is also home to the Guhyaloka Buddhist retreat that dwell in this awe-inspiring area of the Costa Blanca. 

The walk to the top of this Mountain is well worth the effort, with 360 degree views it will leave you stunned. 

The Puig Campana, translating to "Bell Hill" is 1408 m. Its the second highest peak on the Costa Blanca and the province of Alicante. You can hike to the top via a few different routes, the most common one starts off in the town of Finestrat, and leaving from the Font del Moli, then heading around to the North, or rear side of the Mountain in a clockwise direction then ascending to the top from there, and back down the exact same way. This takes on average 5 hours and is an amazing hike. To walk the base of the Mountain is approx. 12Km's, and takes around 3 Hrs. If you wish to include the full base and the peak you're looking at 6-7 hours and a distance of 16km's. 

The Mountain is double peaked, with one peak having a famous notch cut from the top. This Gap in the Mountain top of the Puig Campana bares resemblance to La Brèche de Roland which is another such natural gap cut from a Mountain, this one situated in the Pyrenees. 

Rolands Notch of the Puig Campana has a mysterious legend, it states that back in times of old, Roland, who was the French Commander of Charlemagne's army became embroiled in a sword fight with the head of the Moorish army and the duel finished on the top of the mountain. At one moment in the battle the Moorish leader was flung to the ground and Roland lifted his sword, Durandarte, in order to deal his enemy a final blow. However, he missed the prostrate figure and the force of the blow cut a chunk out of the mountain, which fell into the sea. This rock is still visible as Benidorm Island and the gash that Roland made in the peak of the mountain still bears his name.

However, Professor B. Granier, Université de Bretagne Occidentale (Brest, France), who did field work for his PhD thesis (1987) in this area, demonstrated that the rocks at the core of the Puig Campana are Late Jurassic in age whereas the limestones cropping out in the Islote de Benidorm at Early Cretaceous (Albian) in age.

There are many versions of the legend, in another Roland's lover Alda was fated to die when the last of the sun’s rays shone on her, so Roldan cut out part of the mountain in order that the sun would take longer to set ensuring that Alda would live a few moments longer.

The highest of the 2 peaks on the Puig Campana is actually the opposite peak, and when atop, gives you the most impressive 360 degree views of the entire Costa Blanca. From Alicante and Santa Pola in the south to Javea, Denia and more in the North, then inland and over to the beautiful Mediterranean. 

You can participate in this walk to the summit of the Puig Campaña with Outbound Adventures, just get in touch and we will explore this Mountain together. Or if you want to try the amazing experience of Tandem Paragliding, we have different take off locations very close, with amazing views of the Mountain and its surroundings. 

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