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Costa Blanca, Spain

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Benidorm, Alicante, Altea, Guadalest, Agost &
the whole of the Costa Blanca, Spain

OUTBOUND ADVENTURES Paragliding & Guided Mountain Walks
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Hiking on the Costa Blanca, Spain. From Benidorm, Guadalest, Alicante,  Calpe, Altea, and the whole of the Costa Blanca

The Costa Blanca


The Costa Blanca

Outbound Adventures is a company based in the coastal town of Altea, in the Alicante province of the Costa Blanca, Spain. 

We offer guided Mountain hikes in the beautiful local Mountain ranges and nature reserves in and around the areas of Altea, Guadalest, Polop, Calpe, Confrides, Finestrat, Tarbena, Jalon, and Castel de Castells to name but a few, covering all of the Costa Blanca and its unexplored interior. Not only do we offer Day Hikes, we also offer walking holidays and tours with a variety of packages for you to choose from. From beautiful Almond Blossom tours to Mountainous & fitness getaways. 

The Costa Blanca is an outdoor enthusiasts heaven. Our action packed activity & adventure holidays give you the opportunity to try rock climbing, bike riding, horse riding, paragliding, snorkelling, kayaking, go-karting, Paint-balling and more! we have holiday packages to suit all types of fitness and bravery! So come and explore this land with us and enjoy the activities we offer whilst enjoying life in the sun. Click here for more information 

For those of you looking for that relaxing, healthy and revitalising break, we encourage you to join us on one of our wellbeing trips. Experience our activities such as Yoga on the beach, hiking relaxing trails which recharge your batteries, meditation in the Mountains, and even Pilates on SUP boards as the morning sun rises over the peaceful and beautiful coast... and so much more. An opportunity for you to regain your sense of wellbeing, in a world thats upside down lets take that much needed time to rethink, re-educate and find yourself again, gather your thoughts and have fun in the process. 

With a Mediterranean theme the cuisine here is naturally healthy, gain more energy from this food alone. For more information on our Yoga, Meditation & hiking Holidays, click here & contact us.

We also specialise in one of the most amazing thrills you can experience whilst on this Planet, TANDEM PARAGLIDING. With a team of professional and fully qualified Pilots if you want to make the most of Spain, whether your on holiday or live here, this is a must do! No experience is required as your Pilot will take you gliding over the stunning Spanish Mountains, or even feel the sea breeze on one of our many coastal flights. All you need to do is sit back and relax. Our amazing flights can take you over the stunning towns of Santa Pola, above the magical Mountains of the Maigmo nature reserve, the beautiful coastline of Altea and even do a fly by of Guadalest Castle.

We also offer Paragliding courses, tuition, guiding, holidays and day tours. With a number of highly trained and very experienced instructors, your learning experience is going to be the best it can be. Improve at your own rate whilst being encouraged and coached in the right way. We want to get the best out of you whilst never compromising on safety. So if you want to take to the skies with us, simply get in touch now or navigate to the page you want from the top of the page under the title Paragliding Costa Blanca.

Or click here for more information on our paragliding courses 

Then we have our cultural Paragliding holidays. Come with us as we venture to paragliding sites all over this land, taking us to amazing XC locations such as Caudete, or explore the much loved Palomaret flying site, this relatively unknown site is tucked away in the Mountains here and has amazing Paragliding possibilities, a true Gem for sure. Then there is Santa Pola and Altea, glorious soaring locations, these can't be missed. Join us today, feel, taste, experience and fly in the Spanish culture.

So, what ever your looking for, we hope Outbound Adventures can help you.

Outbound Adventures

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The town of Altea. Known as the "Gem" of the Costa Blanca. This magical, coastal town is the cultural capital of the Valencian region. The Iberians, Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans and Moors have all left an imprint on this land with many historic sights scattered through out this land. Altea old town is simply beautiful, with a sparkling charm, white-washed houses and maze like cobbled streets you will really feel its humble atmosphere. Situated on the coast, Altea has many superb beaches, well worth a dip for that invigorating sea swim. Altea also attracts many artists and bohemians from the world over, with a mixed and diverse culture and a vibrant night life to fit. The main old town of Altea is where the live bands are and the atmosphere is one you will never forget. They do say that once you visit Altea, you will always come back ;) Altea is not only beautiful, it is also conveniently located with fantastic access to the surrounding areas in which we will travel, directly inland we have the stunning interior with beautiful Mountains and valleys, Historic, moorish towns with nothing but wilderness. 


Think outside..... no box required!

With Outbound Adventures, you have the chance to experience the surreal thrill that is Tandem Paragliding, with professional and fully qualified pilots, theres room for you and your friends to fly with us! Paraglide up and over the amazing Mountain Ranges of Agost and Guadalest, soar Coastal Cliff tops of Santa Pola and see Spain from a different point of view. With free pick up and drop off, we have flying sites all over the Costa Blanca Including Guadalest, the second most visited Castle in the whole of Spain. This area offers some of the best paragliding in Europe and will take your breath away with its beauty and charm. We also fly in many other locations including Paragliding Benidorm, Paragliding Agost, Santa Pola, Jalon and more.  Click onto our Tandem Paragliding page for more info.

We also offer Paragliding courses, guidance, tuition and holidays and more! Everything to do with Paragliding.

Outbound Adventures love the Spanish Mountains, we organise carefully planned routes for all levels to enjoy. From hiking and walking  holidays to day hikes, we try to get walking everyday! With free transport included. One of our many routes is the Sierra Bernia Fort walk, the ridge line situated just behind quaint and beautiful town of Altea. This Hike takes us around this amazing ridge line, with awe inspiring views of the Costa Blanca. With an abundance of history, this route includes a visit to an old 16th century fort, and a Forat (tunnel through the mountain) and cave painting that are over 6000 yrs old.  For more details on when and where we walk, please click onto our Walking routes page. Hiking and walking, Costa Blanca. 

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