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Hiking on the Costa Blanca, Spain. From Benidorm, Guadalest, Alicante,  Calpe, Altea, and the whole of the Costa Blanca

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Outbound Adventures organise and conducts a variety of Paragliding courses on the beautiful Costa Blanca, Spain. We are based here all year round, giving you the flexibility of what dates best suit you! Our main priority is to teach you what you need to know and more to become a safe, professional and confident Paragliding Pilot. We use some of the most experienced & safety conscious paragliding teachers around fantastic teaching skills and the patience to help you feel comfortable. We will go above and beyond to help you learn and gain the required experience in order to progress outside of our school and to truly reach the dream of FLYING whilst never compromising on safety. If you want to learn how to paraglide whilst having maximum fun, then look no further. 

Outbound Adventures also want to emphasise the fact that we take not just flying, but teaching very seriously. We aim to make your learning experience the best it can be. We study your flying techniques, your progression and whats good and whats not so good, whilst constantly giving you the correct instruction, constructive criticism and most of all encouragement whilst always pointing you in the right direction and again, whilst always having fun!

We are here for you and we don't forget this! 

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Paragliding courses Spain

Paragliding Courses explained

There are 2 main Paragliding courses or a combined course needed in order to become a competent Paragliding Pilot.

  • Beginners Phase 1 Paragliding Pilot Course  (6 Day course)
  • Advanced Phase 2 Paragliding Pilot Course (6 Day Course)
  • Combined Phase 1 & 2 (12 Day Course)
  • Travel days and Sundays are not considered course days.

We also offer:
  • Introductory day courses
  • Refresher courses
  • Skill refining courses

If you have any queries reference accommodation, or any other queries what ever they may be then please get in touch.

1 Day Paragliding Taster Course
(Including a Tandem Flight)

Paragliding Costa Blanca

This one day paragliding taster course is a perfect present or something for someone who is unsure wether Paragliding could be for them. 

This one day course includes;

  • Ground handling with a glider
  • Learning about the different components of a glider
  • Basics of how "lift" works 
  • What weather we look for in order to fly
  • including a tandem flight with one of our Pilots.

We offer 1 day courses all year round and on dates to suit you.
Get in touch for more details.

Paragliding refresher courses

Paragliding Santa Pola, Spain

Have you had a break from Paragliding and want to confidently get back into the sport? Wether its been over a year to over a decade, get in touch and we can arrange refresher courses that suit you. Starting from one day to however long you feel & we feel is needed. 

We have amazing places to fly here on the Costa Blanca also. With ridge soaring sea cliffs to mountainous nature reserves that pump out Thermals. There is no better place to progress!

Dont hesitate, get in touch today! 

Paragliding Agost. Outbound Adventures

Our Beginners Paragliding Pilot course is designed for complete beginners. Through out the week we will teach you the basics of Paragliding, by the end of the week you will be flying! 

The course includes :

  • Theory, including air law, flight theory & meteorology.
  • Ground Handling with your glider.
  • Reverse launching techniques.
  • How to use your body and weight when flying.
  • Flying site evaluation.
  • Figure of 8 Flying patterns.
  • Types of equipment.
  • How to take off and land.
  • Short solo flights from 300m +-
  • and much more!

The AIM of this course:
Is to teach you the basics needed to get you flying solo, what it takes and whats involved, and to get you to a level where you feel confident taking off and landing, ready for the next course.

No experience needed, for complete beginners.

Whats included: 
Airport transfers, All equipment needed for course, All tuition, Daily transport for course. 

Course Duration: 6 Days
Price €850

For Availability & Bookings

Paragliding school, Alicante, Spain. Outbound Adventures

Our advanced Phase 2 paragliding pilot course will take you to the next level. The Aim of this course is to get you to a level where you can fly solo, competently and confidently without any coaching or instruction.  

On this course we FLY!! and learn about: 

  • Advanced theory in air law, flight theory & meteorology.
  • Advanced flying techniques such as thermalling, soaring, top landings, rapid decent techniques and more.
  • Improve your take off and landing techniques.
  • Improve glider control.
  • weather appreciation.
  • Glider speed and pitch control.
  • Turning control and more.
  • Fine tune your skills.
The AIM of this course:
Is to get you to a level where you can progress in the art of flying solo, competently and confidently without any coaching or instruction, and to then fly independently and become a true Paragliding Pilot!

Beginners Phase 1 course or equivalent.

Whats included: Airport transfers, All equipment needed for course, All tuition, Daily transport for course. 

Course Duration: 6 Days
Price €850

For Availability & Bookings

Paragliding courses, Spain. Outbound Adventures

Our combined Phase 1 & 2 paragliding pilot course will take 12 days to complete, going from a complete beginner to a competent Pilot.. We will take it step by step, coaching and teaching you not as a group, but individually, paying close attention to your skills and abilities. 

We will progress steadily through the course, focusing on what needs to be improved and what you need to work on, giving you maximum coaching and encouragement, aiming to help you excel in your training with us.

The AIM of this Course:

To take you from a complete novice to a competent, proficient Paragliding Pilot. 

You will be flying for sure! ;)

Nothing, no prior experience needed.

Whats included: 
Airport transfers, All equipment needed for course, All tuition, Daily transport for course. 

Course Duration: 12 Days
Price €1600

For Availability & Bookings

Paragliding courses Spain