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Benidorm, Alicante, Altea, Guadalest, Agost &
the whole of the Costa Blanca, Spain
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Hiking on the Costa Blanca, Spain. From Benidorm, Guadalest, Alicante,  Calpe, Altea, and the whole of the Costa Blanca

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Exploring the Costa Blanca together. Hiking and Paragliding! Lets see and expeirecne Spain from a different point of view.

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Paragliding Alicante

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Paragliding Alicane. If you are thinking of trying paragliding when in Alicante, then look no further!! Alicante has 2 main flying sites. We have Santa Pola, which is just south of Alicante, this is a beautiful coastal location with the sea cliffs that stretch along the Coast from the town El Altet to Santa Pola. The soaring here is magical, with the white, sandy beach and terquoise waters of the Mediterranean below, and as the sea breeze kicks in you will be lifted along the cliff's passing the Santa Pola lighthouse, its here that we have the walkways for members of the public to walk along and normally attract quite a crowd to watch the spectacle of gliders soaring this area. 

Another amazing location is Agost. This paragliding site is simply amazing. With a consistant and relaible breeze, some good thermals height is never hard to gain. This is a Mountainous paragliding site and is just inland from Alicante. 

Paragliding Costa Blanca

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Paragliding on the Costa Blanca. The Costa Blanca is one of the most beautiful and stunning parts of Spain, with long, stunning, sandy beaches, beautiful Mountain ranges and to many tourst attractions to mention. The History of this land can also be seen in abundace with hundreds of Castles scattered through this land, mainly due to the Moors and Christians. The Costa Blanca is also famous for the famring of Almonds, Oranges, Olives, Nispero's and many other products not to mention the wine bodegas. 

All this having been said, paragliding on the Costa Blanca is simply amazing. To be able to see the magical land from above is something special. With paragliding sites such as Agost, Santa Pola, Montcabrer, Guadalest, el morro de Toix and many many others there is always somewhere to fly. There are even flying sites close to the party town of Benidorm! 

The Costa Blanca has over 200km's of coastline, so with flying sites such as Santa Pola which is close to Alicante and the Morro de Toix which is close to Altea, flying the warm sea breeze with the gorgous Meditteranean sea in sight is always a great pleasure! Plus there is the little known fact that Spain actually has the second highest land mass of all the countries in Europe, secong to Austria. So flying over some of these local Mountain ranges and Mountain tops will take your breath away. 

Walking Benidorm. The Sierra Helada.

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One of our walks along the stunning Coastal cliffs from Albir to Benidorm. This route is not to be underestimated, its actually quite a difficult route, possibly our most difficult, with numerous up hill parts that are challenging to most however are relatively short, with an exception to the 45 minute up hill part at the very beginning to the masts in Albir. The steep decent's can also be quite dangerous and must be taken with care. Its approx. 12.5km's and takes around 4-5 Hrs to complete. This route is however one of our most rewarding, with fantastic views across the stunning Mediterranean and a different point of view to what the interior of this part of the Costa Blanca looks like. With the Almighty Puig Campaña sitting high in the near distance. The towns of Benidorm and Albir being shown in all there glory from here. La Nucia and many other towns can also bee seen as these cliffs take us to a height of 438m and as with all our walking routes, Aways worth it! Route: Sierra Helada. Distance: 12km. Difficulty: Medium-Hard. Technical Difficulty: 9 Walking time: 4-5 hrs +- Ascent: 438 m

Walking on the Costa Blanca

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Now, when people hear "The Costa Blanca", some people will think beautiul, sandy beaches, sangria, sun, tapas, relaxation and everything else that the Costa Blanca has to offer. Some however will think Benidorm, and thats fair enough, Benidorm is very well known, probably more so than any other town in this part of Spain.Benidoem serves a purpose, it offers cheap booze and is party central! We all need this at some point and crave it!  What people dont realise though is what beauty there is thats literally lying just outside of the Benidorm Bubble. Having worked as a Prop in Benidorm ive seen first hand what this party town offers, good and bad and when i had the opportunity to get out of Benidorm i jumped at the chance. 

For the past 2 years i have been putting all my energy and power into opening a hiking company right here on the Costa Blanca. Part of the fun of doing this was i got to walk into the wild side of the Costa Blanca. And lots of it. 

Planning and preparing the routes was part of the fun, i walked all day long,for months on end, searching for new routes and places of extreme beauty, and that is exactly what i found. The Costa Blanca really truly is stunning. 

So, for the foreseable future im going to be blogging about the secret side of the Costa Blanca, from secret Buddhist retreats hidden in the Mountain, to tunnels through Mountains and believe me, there is so much more! One of the first routes that i put on my list was the Sierra Helada! This is the stunning sea cliffs  that streches form the town of Albir to Bendorm! an 11km walk and to be honest, its proabaly one of the toughest routes i have on my list. A nick name for the walk is the 7 peaks, 7 peaks must have 7 up hill parts!! Ill leave the rest to your imagination. But as always, and with most things in life.... its always worth the effort. In my next blog i will explain to you more about this beautful route. Stay tuned!;)